THE STRING is an interactive contemporary art project. You are invited to join and send your own quote in a Facebook private message to The String or at


THE STRING is a continuous collective work that is constantly updating with quotes received from people all over the world. Thus, a collective work that accesses a deep level of understanding of today’s humanity is to be generated.


You are encouraged to write a sentence or a short phrase about what is important for you in order to keep walking in life. What is your philosophy, what is the idea that comforts you when you are going through difficult times or what is the source of your wisdom.


Share with us your concerns, your experience, your expectations, or your hopes in these unprecedented times. Please use no more than 12 WORDS. Your message will be painted on a segment of THE STRING along with your name, city, and country, becoming an important part of this expanding human cohesion artwork.


Each of your quotes will be posted individually on the social media pages of the project becoming an important part of THE STRING artwork.


THE STRING is an independent long-term work in progress that involves constant creative effort. Please take into account the artist has a limited artistic capacity of artistic production so cases may occur when some delays may be possible on applying your message on the canvas. Thank you for your understanding.



Today’s humanity is going through difficult times. It is an important moment when we can choose to become a strong collective consciousness able of transgressing any social differences, whatever they may be, cultural, religious or group ones. Such a major recalibration might be the chance for our future.

THE STRING is an expanding art network project, a long-term work in progress that aims to wrap the world in a trace of solidarity and human cohesion, bringing a message of strength, resistance and hope by uniting people from all over the world that share the same strong belief: humanity needs a second chance.

The theme of a continuous work of art has its roots in a previous experiment THE TRACE, where the artist tested the ability of an artwork to transfer information from one canvas to another into an informal act of spontaneous expansion, an itinerary that explores the sinuous and unpredictable course of human existence.


"From the pain we give birth to life."

Horacio Esteban Coreea, Argentina

"I see life, its ups and downs, as an opportunity for self-development in the beauty and richness of life"

Sayed Hassan Aqhlaq,  Washington DC

"It's always darker before the dawn, but no night lasts forever"

Tomoko Miura, Tokyo, Japan






THE STRING is a collective art catalyzer with deep roots in the social matrix. The common calibration of the actions in the social context supports the idea of ​​the general good, higher interest, and awareness at a macro-social level. THE STRING route through the world is defined and developed by all co-authors, who work together as a collective consciousness. The succession of cultural and social environments that THE STRING segments reach, shapes a social dynamic continuously expanding social sculpture.

The string is a symbol of connection and interaction. The repetitive modular character allows an equal and uniform development, so that each segment part of THE STRING path is inscribed in the same semiotic coordinates with those that precede it and with those that will follow in the process of creation.

From a visual point of view, the twist in the spiral generates a sense of tension in a minimalist register. THE STRING is transferring the repetitive features of the series into a unique artistic act, each module being the same and yet different from the other, each link of this human chain having the specific characteristics of an original work of art.

The Trace